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The members of the Elliot Lake Arts Club are encouraged to gather and create their work in the the club's three spacious, well-equipped studios.

Membership and Benefits/ Studio Space

Arts Club members pay annual dues of $100, which entitles them to participate in any Club events, and to use the amazing studio facilities at the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre, Highway 108, Elliot Lake during the building’s operating hours. All floors are accessible by elevator and stairs. A variety of workshops are offered throughout the year to members at a reduced fee, and many experienced members that work in the studios on a regular basis will share their expertise and knowledge with new members.

The Multi-purpose Studio is a large bright room, located on the third floor. Equipped with tables, chairs, and a small kitchen, it provides ample space for meetings or workshops. Painters & printmakers meet here to work on their projects. Printing presses, rollers and screenprinting equipment are available as well as equipment and space for working on stained glass. This room also houses a large library of art books and tapes.

Located on the first floor, the Weaving Studio boasts4-harness looms including a 60 inch loom, three 8-harness looms and a tapestry loom. Among the additional work tools is a warping mill, bobbin winders, various shuttles, bobbin lace cushion, a large work table and a reference library.

Also on the first floor, the Pottery Studio boasts a large bright area with electric wheels for making functional work and tables for building handwork and sculpture. A variety of glazes, pottery supplies and electric kilns serve the clay community. Members buy their own clay and there is a small fee for firing with the proceeds used for improvements to the studio and equipment.

History of the Arts Club

In the early years of Elliot Lake, a group of six artists met together to paint. This group of six soon expanded to include others and the Elliot Lake Arts Club was formed. A constitution was adopted in 1965, the year the Club joined the Northern Ontario Artist`s Association (NOAA). In 1975 artisans were invited to join thus making the Club a multi-media group. Its mission is ¨to encourage active participation in, and an appreciation of, the fine arts and crafts in Elliot Lake and vicinity".

The Club is located in the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre. This former hotel, converted through a multimillion dollar facelift, has become the nerve centre for the artistic community. It is also the home to the community theatre and the Nuclear and Mining Museum.  



Merrie Lindsay, President 

Jackie Ross,  V.P.

Beverley Shiels, Treasurer

Margaret Booth, Secretary