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Suite Harmony

Do you love to sing?  Have fun?  Make new friends?  Well, this is the group for you!  Suite Harmony is a mixed group of adults, young and old. They perform in 3 and 4 part harmony, a cappella (unaccompanied).  The music is carefully chosen to be entertaining and fun to learn.  Suite Harmony meets Tuesdays at 6pm during the school year.

Toot Suite (Community concert band)

Toot Suite is open to any age instrumental player.  Do you have a band instrument laying around collecting dust, one that you always intended to pick up again some day?  Well, here’s your chance!  One thing you’re sure to learn is how to laugh and enjoy playing once again.  Come join us on Thursday evenings, from September to June.   

Suite Chimes

Do you like the sound of bells?  Chimes produce a magical sound, and even better, is that they are easy to play!  It is an instrument that requires very little musical knowledge, and can be mastered easily, even by beginners.  The Suite Chimes Choir rehearses on Friday afternoons from September to June. 


Our ukulele group rehearses every Thursday evening throughout the school year. Beginners are welcome each September (or take a few private lessons to catch up if you’d like to join us midyear). There’s plenty of picking, strumming, singing, and a mountain of fun with this group…….open to teens and adults.

Chamber Suite

Another instrumental opportunity for adults! This chamber group, currently smaller than the concert band, performs a mix of classical and lighter selections. Chamber Suite rehearses Monday afternoons throughout the year.


For information about any of these ensemble groups, to request a performance, or to enquire about private lessons for children or adults contact Ann Foy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.