Downtown Art Project

Downtown Art Project (2)

In 2013 the committee successfully completed three projects; a mural titled “The Founding Fathers” by Susan Krupp located on the side of Elliot Lake Meats and Deli,   a second mural titled, ”What is the North to Me?” by Linda Duke located on the side of Lennon chiropractic Clinic and the hanging of 40 banners on lighting posts downtown, printed from children’s art.

A fourth project is scheduled for completion this spring.  The sculpture, titled “The Miner” was donated by Carol Prodan.  It had formerly been erected on Milliken Mine Road.  We have made arrangements for it to be relocated in front of the Lester B. Pearson Civic Centre as soon as the ground is sufficiently thawed. 

We are thankful to our sponsors for their support.

This summer, the committee has decided to add hopefully two more murals or two-dimensional works to the collection.  They will again conform to the theme “Celebrating the History and Culture of the North”.  In the call for artist submissions, we are encouraging the artists to consider the multicultural nature of the community.  These preliminary proposals, just sketches will be due April 1, 2014.

The process will be the same as last year.  A number of proposals will be selected for detailed consideration.  The artists will be paid to create a scale drawing or painting of the final product, a budget and outline of how it related to the theme.  From these, works will be selected, to be completed and installed.

Additional support from the following: Dr. Britten-Foster, Dr. Prescott, Dr Arnold, Dr. Groh, Dr. Lennon

We are again thankful to our sponsors for their continued support.

LOOK FOR MORE INFORMATION UNDER RESOURCES AND THEN CLICK ON THE PUBLIC ART WALK.  This will enable you to take a self-guided tour of the Public Art in Downtown Elliot Lake.


Downtown Art Project Outline


To stimulate the creation of large works of art (murals, sculptures, other works) in the downtown area of Elliot Lake to stimulate people to explore.

To beautify and enhance some of the spaces downtown.

To serve as a tourist draw or be of interest to visitors.

Contributing Sponsors:

  • The Elliot Lake and District Chamber of Commerce
  • Elliot Lake Retirement Living
  • Business for the Arts
  • Community Futures Development Corporation

Committee formation:

A committee to oversee the decisions, raise funds and supervise the work schedules will be struck.

It must have at least two representatives from the business community.

It must have at least two representatives from the artistic community.


All works must conform to the theme,

“Celebrating the History and Culture of Northern Ontario”

A number of potential sites were identified earlier this year.  The owners of the business were at that time interested in being involved.  Since then a few buildings have changed owners.  We have not yet approached these new owners to confirm their participation.

The list is shown on the program outline.

A press release has been submitted to the Standard to begin publicity and invite submissions.

The announcement will also be circulated through The Sault Arts Council, the Art Gallery of Algoma, the Sudbury Arts Council the Art Gallery of Sudbury as well as the Arts Council and the Gallery in North Bay, artists on Manitoulin Island and the native communities on the North Shore. There may be other interested regional agencies.  We will also try to contact some of the former student at White Mountain Academy as they may have an interest as well.

Preliminary submissions must be to the ARIEL office by April 17, 2013.

Downtown Art Project

Lead organization: The Arts and Culture roundtable in Elliot Lake  (ARIEL)

Sponsors:  Elliot Lake and district Chamber of Commerce

                  ELNOS Corporation for Business Development

                  Elliot Lake Retirement Living

Long term goal:  To develop a series of works of art in the downtown area of Elliot Lake that will encourage residents, visitors, customers and potential citizens to explore the downtown.

Immediate goals:

         To fundraise an initial pool of money to get the project started

         To form a committee of stakeholders to oversee the project

         To structure the various phases of the project

To disseminate information to potential artists

Theme:  Artworks must conform to the theme “Celebrating the History and Culture of Northern Ontario”

Works may be 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional.  There is a concern that because works will be located outside that they will deteriorate due to weathering.  Successful artists must be prepared to address this issue and minimize the effects.

Potential sites have been identified.

  1. Lennon’s Chiropractic, Ontario Ave , south side of the building
  2. Backside of Canada Brokerlink building facing Ontario Ave
  3. Club D’Age d”Or on the back of the building facing the laneway
  4. Elliot Lake Jewellery Store, Ontario Ave, on the side of the building in the laneway
  5. Alex Berthelot Insurance, on the back of the building in the laneway
  6. Creative Glass, Ontario Ave, on the side of the building
  7. Elliot Lake Meats and Deli, on the side of the building in the laneway.
  8. The walkway in front of the LCBO might be a good location for a three dimensional piece.
  9. The empty space beside the TD Bank might also be a suitable space for a three dimensional piece.

These locations were identified some months ago and need to be reassessed before any announcement.  I know that at least one of these businesses has changed hands.  There also may be other potential sites as yet unidentified.


Phase 1

-       Solicit artists to participate and submit preliminary proposals

-       Circulate information about the project to local artists and others throughout the region from Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay (arts councils and galleries) possibly former students at White Mountain.  Artists on Manitoulin Island and in the native communities on the North Shore

-       Promote on website,  local and area newspapers, radio, tv

-       Raise funds

-       Submit information to Business for the Arts enabling additional funding

-       Establish committee to supervise, do future fundraising.

-       Completion Date April 17, 2013

Phase 2

-       Committee will review all preliminary submissions

-       Committee will select a number of submissions for closer examination

-       Selected artists will be paid to create a scale  maquette of the final product which must be accompanied by  a thorough explanation of how the theme is interpreted, an explanation of how the materials are used and process will address the issue of weathering. Also included must be a complete budget for materials, salaries and other costs and a proposed date for completion of the project.

-       Completion Date May?  (yet to be determined)

Phase 3

-       Committee will review these submissions

-       Committee will announce winner(s)

-       Contracts will be signed

-       Work will proceed

-       Artist will  be paid according to budget.